The unified database hosting the schema and the risk data is stored at

--WIP-- The database is implemented in PostgreSQL, using PostGIS for geospatial operations. --WIP

The Risk DB schema includes four components:

  • Hazard DB schema: describes hazard scenario footprints and return period hazard maps
  • Exposure DB schema: describes exposed assets and population
  • Vulnerability DB schema: describes physical vulnerbaility, fragility and damage-to-loss models
  • Loss DB schema: describes modelled damage and losses produced in a risk assessment

Below is a simplified entity-relationship diagram of the whole database schema. All tables are shown but only key fields are included in each table. Screenshot ERD for Risk Data schema including all components (Hazard, Exposure, Vulnerability and Loss). Yellow = common tables; Red = hazard tables; Green = Exposure tables; Purple = vulnerability tables; Violet = loss table.