Overview of standard data model

Following key concepts, the Risk Data schema includes four components:

  • Hazard: main hazard type, specific process, trigger of the hazard, occurrence frequency of event, intensity unit to measure the process and analytical method.
  • Exposure: asset category, occupancy and specific taxonomy, cost type and value.
  • Vulnerability: model that links hazard intensity and exposure classification to measure of impact over the total exposed value.
  • Loss: modelled damage and losses produced in a risk assessment as a function of hazard, exposure and vulnerability components.

The diagram below shows the core relationships between schema components, rather than listing all of their attributes.

classDiagram Dataset -- Hazard Dataset -- Exposure Dataset -- Vulnerability Dataset -- Loss Dataset: -Project name Dataset: -Coverage Dataset: -Purpose Dataset: -Bibliography class Hazard{ -Type, Process -Trigger -Frequency -Intensity unit -Analytical method } class Exposure{ -Asset category -Occupancy -Taxonomy -Cost type } class Vulnerability{ -Hazard process -Exposure taxonomy -Analytical method -Applicability } class Loss{ -Hazard process -Exposure taxonomy -Loss frequency -Loss metric }

Dataset general attributes

In addition to schema-specific attributes, each dataset is identified by a list of attributes based on DublinCore metadata standard.

Required Attribute Description Type
* Component Schema to be used
  • Hazard
  • Exposure
  • Vulnerability
  • Loss
* Source model Name of source model Text
* Release date Model release date Date
Project name Project under which data has been produced Text
Purpose Purpose for what the data has been produced Text
Notes Additional details about the dataset Text
Bibliography Author, titles and publication year of documents containing relevant information on the dataset Authors (Year) - Title; URL
Version Version of the dataset Number
* Geo coverage ISO code(s) of countries covered ISOa3 country code
* License code Type of license Licensing options

Other attributes are specific to individual resources, covering level of aggregation, resolution and format.

Required Attribute Type
* Resource name Text
* Aggregation type
  • Footprints
  • Grid
  • Administrative boundaries
  • Points or lines
  • N/A
Description Text
Reference coordinate system CRS EPSG
Horizontal resolution n unit
Format ext
Download Url url