Local schema implementation

Structuring and naming of risk data files within a project folder represent the simplest and most direct level of implementation of the Risk Data Standard.

Structure of project folder

Naming convention for files

To help univocally identify the content of a dataset file, the filename should summarise all the key information that allow to distinquish it from the others. The general format, all in lower caps, uses a tag approach to build the full filename:


The name is made of [required] and {optional} attributes. Each component uses the most relevant attribute as schema_specifics, for example:

  • Hazard:
    Example: pluvial flood hazard scenario with return period 10 years in 2050 for Afghanistan is named:

  • Exposure:
    Example: residential exposure in Madagascar from Open Street Map 2015 is named:

  • Vulnerability:
    Example: flood depth-damage function developed for India by JRC over industrial land cover is named:

  • Loss:
    Example: eartquake losses over Madagascar infrastructures over the period 1920-2012 is named: